OBRETA ® spol. s r.o. - založeno 1992

Tojice 14, 335 01 NEPOMUK, tel.: +420 371 526 300, fax: +420 371 526 305
e–mail: obreta@obreta.cz Czech Republic

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The limited liability company OBRETA® spol. s r. o. was established in 1992.At the beginning, it operated in a part of the West Bohemian region and its business activities were mainly focusedon supplying packaging material to shops, food–processing plants and factories.

Gradually, by reconstructing a former farmstead, the company acquired its own warehouseand office space of an area of approximately 1,000m2 and it widened its product assortment in a manner enablingthe company to supply packaging made of a number of materials (HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, polypropylene, AL, MDPE, PS, and paper).

In the course of 2004, the company has built its own fuel station and it has opened a newly built modernwarehouse furnished with a rack storage system offering a total capacity of 500 pallet places.
The firm has completed successfully certification ISO 9001 during this year.

Warehouse interior Warehouse interior

The goods delivered by OBRETA® spol. s r. o. are not only produced by the company itself,e.g. some types of bags, but also by Czech manufacturers and chiefly by producers from European countries and the Far East.The company has been cooperating with these foreign manufacturers directly for several years and this cooperation has resultedin one of the strongest positions on the plastic packaging market in the Czech Republic.

A professional team of trained personnel as well as our own car fleet, comprising a number of delivery vans and trucks,ensure expedite deliveries of goods directly to customers all over the Czech Republic. We also have a well-established network of dealersand customers covering the whole territory of the Czech Republic and some of the EU countries.

Today, OBRETA® spol. s r. o. supplies a complete range of packaging materials, from small and large bags,foils of various width, thickness, sizes, and materials for business and household use, to adhesive and special tapes, fixation foils,and packing machines to pack your products.

Moreover, starting from fixed order volumes, we will deliver the goods free of charge directly to you.

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